Refreshing Menthol E-Juice for Summer!

We have just officially begun summer of 2019, and out here in Las Vegas it is HOT! We’ve got out our sunblock and long brimmed hats, and we are taking every step to stay cool out in this heat. But what about your vape juice? Now is the time of year where every guest in our doors are asking for something light and refreshing to vape all day in the blistering heat. Well we may have the solution with our light menthol e-juices. We have three delicious flavors to help you beat the heat this summer, Goddess, Surfs Up, and Cool Relaxation. If the names themselves haven’t cooled you down some already, your first puff surely will.

You can watch our team members Roxy and Bree taste test and review our menthol flavors in this video here.

Our Goddess flavor was created by team member Roxy herself. It’s a delicate blend of  sweet honeysuckle and juicy peach and apricot, topped off with just a light kiss of menthol. This one comes together just right to create the perfect all day vape. It is truly unique in it’s taste and is a favorite at our in shop sample bar.

Surfs Up is an all around fan favorite of the majority of guests that visit our shop. We combined our best sweet and tart berries with a wave of menthol. This is perfect for those who love a sweet vape with a kick of tangy tartness with a cool kick of menthol. This one is sure to tickle your tongue out in the sun!

Just as the name suggests, Cool Relaxation will have you feeling like you’ve just arrived at your fantasy paradise. We took our Triple Melon flavor (watermelon, cantelope, honeydew), added a little cucumber and a dash of menthol. Inhale and you’ll taste big melon flavor with subtle hints of cucumber with a nice cool menthol finish. Light and refreshing, this is a tried and true all day vape for summer.

With these three great flavors, you’re sure to stay cool, relaxed, and satisfied in the summer sun. If these three flavors don’t quite do it for you, we offer menthol concentrate additive. Menthol concentrate can be added to your exisiting vape juice or to any one of our other flavors to create your perfect summer menthol vape.

Stop by our Las Vegas location today to sample these three flavors and all of our 107 delicious flavors available. Or order online at

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