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Vape Repair

Our Vape Engineer and Repair Technician, Dylan, would like to share the three most common repairs he sees and how he fixes them. _________________________________ DISCLAIMER This blog entry serves only as an informational asset. This blog entry is only intended for instructional purposes for professionals capable of completing the mentioned repairs. The author is not […]

Flavor Bans, Illnesses & Media Confusion: What Do We Know & How To Make Sense Of It

Tons of confusing, scary headlines have been bombarding us recently in the news: VAPE RELATED ILLNESS! 5 DEAD FROM MYSTERIOUS LUNG DISEASE! TRUMP TO BAN E-JUICE FLAVORS IN MIDST OF VAPING ILLNESS OUTBREAK!    And much more eye-catching, fear-raising articles for the masses to consume and share via social media and the internet. But in […]